Complementary Services

The complementary services we provide complement the overall service of demolition and dismantling within the High Voltage Environment. The services provided below are all performed to a high standard. Full risk assessment & method statements are provided on request.

As part of our commitment to the Electrical Supply industry all these services are available independently. Please contact us for more information.

Steel Plates and Timber Mats
We have an extensive stock of steel plates and bog mats for trench crossings, covering soft ground and to protect underground services.

Tower/Pylon Dismantling
Towers and pylons in even the most inaccessible/difficult places are dismantled and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner using specialist equipment and experienced personnel.

Diamond Wire Sawing
In more sensitive areas it is sometimes more effective to utilize a diamond wire concrete saw to cut the limbs of concrete structures. This method is fast; dust and debris free and provides a clean cut. It involves significantly less exposure to noise for the operatives, whilst exposures to dust and vibration are eliminated. The process does not produce projectile debris.

Diamond drilling and concrete bursting

This is used to drill and burst concrete in situations where conventional methods of breaking out bases would cause a problem by vibration, noise or other concerns. It can also be used in conjunction with wire sawing as above. Drilling is also used to provide access for cables, holes for anchors, etc.

Fabrication Services
We have in-house engineering and fabrication facilities. These allow us to manufacture the specialist items and equipment that is needed for our works.

Lifting Operations
We have our own Appointed Person (Lifting Operations) who plan the lifts, specify the crane and produce the lift plans.

Transport Fleet and Abnormal Load Movement
John Robson Metals Ltd has committed substantial investment in the specialised vehicles and plant needed to operate safely and efficiently in this chosen field. We have a specialist fleet of vehicles to ensure we can accommodate the requirements of any job and/or site. With almost 40 years’ experience of loading and transporting transformers up to 110 tonnes we have the knowledge, equipment and trained professional staff to carry out even the most demanding move

To complement our fleet we have Roll on Roll off skip lorries, a Jet-Vac tanker and all other lorries having lorry mounted HIABs making them multi-purpose in an environment that is often restricted in space. All drivers receive the latest training and development techniques so that they can understand and operate within the current legal framework.

Hazardous /Controlled Waste Movement
To complete the service, John Robson Metals Ltd will ensure you fulfill your duty of care by correct disposal of all materials we remove from site from the dismantling and demolition operations. This includes all hazardous materials and waste. Completed waste documentation is provided to ensure that you can provide an accurate level of information regarding your waste routes which can form the basis of your Waste Management Plan.