At John Robson Metals Ltd we are committed to ensuring our work is as ecologically aware as possible without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of our work. The company and its employees are committed to looking after the environment. Environmental considerations are taken into account within the Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Method Statement process. The effectiveness of this is confirmed by monitoring.

Environmental clean ups can be carried out in areas affected by oil spillage and leakage, asbestos contamination, ex SF6 dust contamination, fire damage etc., as well as supplying bunded transportation and correct disposal of oil contaminated spoil. Our compact Jet-Vac Tanker is ideal for cleaning out transformer bund sumps and jet washing oil stained plinths.

All operations are planned to minimise our carbon footprint; Transport management concentrates in making the best use of all journeys – most of the company vehicles have speed limiters fitted to ensure fuel economy. Transport distances are kept to a minimum, with marshalling to enable viable loads. Some segregation on site takes place so that some materials can be disposed of locally, to suitably licenced premises.

Long distance transport being limited to move material that has to go to our depot or other certain destinations for processing and disposal. Mechanical processing methods are used wherever possible in preference to heat and combustion methods, thereby reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and resultant carbon emissions.

To complete the service, John Robson Metals Ltd will ensure you fulfil your duty of care by correct disposal of all materials we remove from site from the dismantling and demolition operations. This includes all hazardous materials and waste.

Fully Licensed Disposal
Our operations site is fully licensed with the Environment Agency to receive all redundant equipment and waste likely to be encountered in our Dismantling / Demolition / Clean Up work. Whenever possible these unwanted goods are recycled, with 96% of all materials received being recovered in the form of metals, oils, aggregate, wood and other materials.

The use of this recycled material by industry helps to preserve the Worlds resources. We are fully compliant with all current legislations and requirements. The key area of our environmental services is our ability to provide the following within a substation environment.


Hazardous Waste Analysis, Removal & Decontamination Services

Cable De-oiling & Removal Works
Including de-oiling, purging and flushing of oil filled cables, de-gassing of gas filled cables. Subsequent recovery of redundant cables from all situations is also undertaken. Where required we cap off with plumbed on metal caps or heat shrink caps for cables which are to remain in place.

SF6 De-gassing and decontamination
We have trained and experienced staff and the equipment to recover SF6 gas and where necessary to de-contaminate ex SF6 filled equipment.

PCB Analysis, Removal & Disposal
We will properly remove and dispose of PCB contaminated materials. Sampling and analysis being undertaken as required.

Asbestos Analysis, Removal & Disposal
For many years to come asbestos will still be encountered in Substations and Power Stations, John Robson Metals Ltd have a trained and experienced team for this and can undertake removal and disposal of asbestos. It is our policy to provide a complete service to our clients when they are faced with asbestos problems on their sites and equipment. As such we inform the client and arrange sufficient financial resource to deal with any asbestos encountered in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations, safely and efficiently.

Our Principals:

To prevent the spread of asbestos.
To prevent the escape of asbestos fibres during work to remove or encapsulate asbestos.
To limit to the lowest levels the exposure to asbestos fibres.
To do the work safely and efficiently.