Health & Safety

By their very nature, our operations are intrinsically high risk. Rigorous policies and procedures are required to ensure the best health and safety for our employees and others. The company and its employees are committed to ensure the health and safety of all in connection with our activities and operations.

This is achieved by:-

A comprehensive and on-going programme along with our staff mentoring scheme which allows the most experienced members of staff to pass their knowledge and skills to the less experienced.

Hazard Identification
One of the first stages of a project is to identify the hazards likely to be encountered.

Risk Assessment
The hazard identification is developed to the basis of the risk assessment which also identifies the proper controls to allow the work to proceed safely.

Method Statement
A method statement is produced for each stage of the work. Clear, concise instructions and procedures are given along with any other necessary information for safety and efficiency.

As the work progresses Hazards and Methods are constantly monitored to ensure the work is going forward in complete safety.

Regular Supervisor & Staff Meetings ensures good two way communication in safety and efficiency and enables us to improve constantly.

Near Miss Reporting
Near Miss reporting is actively encouraged amongst the staff. By identifying the near misses and acting upon them reduces the likelihood of injury occurring.